Kate Wootton

Kate Wootton

After riding for Cycle Team Onform for a few years and having successful seasons, I was really excited to join CAMS-Basso and officially begin my first-year racing as an U23 with an incredibly strong team! I will gain so much knowledge and experience from my teammates and the UCI racing scene.

I’m from London but I’m mostly away at Loughborough University where I’m undertaking a degree in Sports Science and Coaching, as well as training hard for the 2021 season.

Favourite Race: Tour of the Reservoir

Favourite Food: Caribbean food

Favourite Music to Warm up to: Eminem – Lose it, Hamilton – My shot and Kanye West – Power

What are you looking forward to most in 2021: Honestly, I’m just excited to get back to racing again with a supportive and strong team. I can’t wait to help my team do the best they can and gain knowledge and experience along the way.