Jessica Finney

Jessica Finney

I currently work on Exercise Referral after completing a BSc Hons Degree in Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Portsmouth.

I came into cycling relatively late and have been racing for 4 years. Cycle Team OnForm was my first team and provided me with the opportunities to get stuck into racing and quickly developed me as a rider. In 2019 I raced for team Brother-UK Tifosi b/p OnForm where I was really able to get a taster for racing at the top level. I’m excited for next season to be a part of the UCI scene where I can further push myself in the sport.

Favourite race: CiCLE Classic

Favourite food: Nutella

Favourite tune to warm up to: Claptone- The Music Got Me

What are you looking forward to most in 2021: Competing at the UCI level