Emma Edwards

Emma Edwards

I am originally from North Carolina, USA, and I have been living in the UK now for a few years. In the States, I started racing during my first year of postgrad school in 2015 for my university team, MIT. I instantly fell in love with it and joined a local club team to race more. I quickly progressed through racing categories, and I won two collegiate (university) national championships: the criterium in 2018 and the team time trial in 2019. I also raced national level and UCI races around the US, and I was selected to represent the US National Team at the Colorado Classic in 2019. I moved to the UK in 2020 and 2021 was my first year racing here. Highlights included winning the Tour Series with my teammates and racing the AJ Bell Women’s Tour!

Favourite Race: Women’s Tour or Colorado Classic

Favourite Food: Ice cream!

Favourite warm up tunes: ‘Woman’ by Kesha, ‘Run the world (girls)’ by Beyonce, ‘That’s my girl’ by Fifth Harmony… sensing a theme? 😊

What are you looking forward to most in 2022: Racing with my teammates!! I love racing with this team and I think we are only getting started with what we can accomplish!