Becky Storrie

Becky Storrie

I transitioned to cycling in 2019 from triathlon and haven’t looked back since! Riding for Team Onform this season gave me the opportunity to learn how to race but also allowed my love for the sport to flourish. During my short time in the sport, I have come to learn the value of surrounding yourself by those who want to see you succeed. Being able to step up and ride for CAMS-Basso for the remainder of this season is credit to those who have helped me on this journey.
In the off-season you will find me on Zwift racing in the ZRL Premier Division where I represent Movistar eTeam. The racing is hard and fast but most importantly dry…so is a fantastic way to maintain fitness and motivation during the long, cold and dark winter months!

Favourite race: Ryedale GP

Favourite food: All the carbs – pizza and pasta is the way to my heart!

Favourite tunes: Hot HITS Playlist on Spotify

What are you looking forward to most in 2021: I am most looking forward to learning and gaining more experience from those more experienced riders around me and hopefully continuing to develop as a rider. Riding for CAMS-Basso is a good step in the right direction for enabling me to do that.